Effortless: Privacy Policy

This policy applies to all information collected or submitted on the Effortless Mac app or website.

Because Effortless is distributed through the Mac App Store and runs on Mac OS, the use of Effortless is also subject to the Apple Privacy Policy. This policy does not address any data that Apple may collect, which may include but is not limited to, usage statistics and crash reports.

Where is my Effortless data stored?

Data in the Effortless app is private and is stored only on your Mac device. We do not store or process your data on our servers. There are no user accounts on Effortless.

Changes and Updates

If Effortless makes changes to the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy, we will post these changes here in a timely manner. We reserve the right to modify these policies at any time, so please review it frequently (at least on every app update).

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